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Phoenix Pull & Pour

Do It Yourselfers.

To pour 1 yard of concrete, you can...

PULL one of our trailers to your project filled with pre-mixed concrete.

POUR the pre-mixed concrete into your forms, rinse, and return!



​DRIVE to the home improvement store,
LOAD 42 heavy 80 pound bags of dry concrete into your truck,
HAUL it to your project,
FIND a place to store it,
MIX it with water in your wheelbarrow,
POUR it and

REPEAT all day.

What Our Customers Say

"By far the easiest way for the do it your selfer. The yard crew was courteous and answered all my questions. I've been wanting to do another little concrete project so I will be calling Neece soon"                                                                 – Chuck

"What a great idea! Staff was friendly and extremely helpful. The boss even helped us pour! How often does that happen? Would have taken hours to mix 2 yards in my 2 bag mixer, it was delivered and poured in 45 minutes! Will definitely come back."                                                                                       – Chris R

"I’ve used Phoenix Pull and Pour twice and I’m very happy with their service and product.  It’s much easier than mixing by hand and way more convenient so I’d definitely recommend them. Also, I had my last batch delivered and the two guys that brought it over even helped wheelbarrow it back and forth. Outstanding service and I’ll definitely use Phoenix Pull
and Pour whenever I can from now on."                       – Mitch

"I grabbed a yard and a quarter to pour a 100 square slab for my garden shed. Staff was really friendly and extremely helpful! The equipment is in great condition and we had no issues with the operation. Everything on the yard is fully automated and expertly calibrated to provide the best possible mix. My slab has been curing for the last couple of days and looks absolutely fantastic.
I honestly can't imagine why anyone would mix their own concrete when it is that easy and cost effective to use
Pull and Pour!"                                                                – Erik

"I first saw Phoenix Pull and Pour at the Home and Garden show. I chose to have them deliver the concrete, and I couldn't be happier with the results!! Their people were courteous, professional, and the price was great!! I recommend them to anyone who has a small concrete job."                       – Reg P

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the machinery require special training or experience?

No. We pride ourselves on the fact that our equipment is easy to use. Utilizing an onboard motor and hydraulics, the mixing drum can move up and down with one lever. The drum can also spin in a mixing, neutral, or dumping direction by simply turning one knob clock-wise or counter clock-wise. This makes placement of the material and clean out relatively easy.


What do I need to haul away a trailer?

For safety purposes, we ask that any customer wanting to haul away material have at least a half ton vehicle or bigger. In addition, a person would also need a 2” ball hitch and a towing package. One yard of concrete weighs about 4,000 pounds so having a vehicle that does not meet these specifications may have difficulty not only pulling this weight but more importantly stopping it. However, many customers take amounts less than one yard which can be pulled safely by a smaller vehicle. Please check your vehicles tow rating and contact us to make sure your vehicle is capable of hauling what you need.


What if I do not have a vehicle capable of towing the mixer?

We do have delivery available. Call for information and rates.


What if I need more material than one mixer can hold?

We encourage customers to bring in as many vehicles as they need to haul away their material. This can actually save them money. We price our material by how much volume leaves our plant at one time and not how many mixer trailers used. Our prices decrease as the amount of volume purchased increases. A person is entitled to take away as many units as needed to transport the amount of concrete they purchased with no additional fees. If a customer does not have access to multiple vehicles we are happy to arrange delivery.


Is there a major advantage to using Phoenix Pull and Pour versus a large truck?

Depending on the need of the consumer, there can be many. For short-pours (3 cubic yards or under) many larger outfits have minimum charges. For example a person needing only 1 yard of concrete would have to pay the price of 3-4 yards to make it feasible for a large outfit to send their truck and driver for so little of an amount. Or if there are no minimums there are most likely inflated delivery charges of approximately $80.00. Also, prices may vary depending on weekday or weekend and many companies request 24-72 hours notice. Phoenix Pull and Pour never has minimums , delivery begins at $25.00 per load depending on location, and customers are free to come pick-up material whenever they’d like during normal business hours.


I have a 5 yard plus job, can you provide the concrete?

Our outfit is equipped to transport material in 1 yard increments. Although we appreciate the opportunity for all business, there are times when certain jobs are beyond our capacity and it may be more practical to use a large concrete provider. We can be very effective if a large pour is done in segments. Many people choose to break up their projects in smaller pieces to make it more manageable to place and finish the material properly. However, in the best interests of our customers we will recommend a larger provider if it suits their needs better.


I don’t need much volume. Is Phoenix Pull and Pour still better than going to a hardware store and purchasing the materials to do a project by hand?

A great benefit of using Phoenix Pull and Pour is that it eliminates much of the hassle of mixing by hand. A person could take the time to purchase and load the materials needed at a hardware store. Then at the job site unload and mix in small amounts (which can impact the consistency of the mix) and worry about having the material start to set-up. Or a person can come to Phoenix Pull and Pour and get as little as a half-yard of concrete in about 15 minutes and unload a consistent mix quickly with the aid of the hydraulic trailer.

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