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We Have Tanks.

As more and more homes are built outside of the greater Phoenix service area, septic tanks have become a necessity for contractors constructing homes and businesses. Neece Precast pours various sized tanks, and related risers and D-boxes, 5 to 6 days per week. Our crews work diligently to assure customers receive their order within 1-3 weeks.

We all realize construction is booming, so please order well in advance and have the tank hole ready on the confirmed date of delivery.

Septic Tanks.


Tanks require an even, sand-bottomed hole to rest in. This keeps the tank level and reduces the risk of accidental breakage. It is the responsibility of the contractor/home owner to assure the hole is prepared correctly.

The following sizes are available – typically 1-3 week(s) from order to delivery.​

     1050 gallon septic tank with standard, non-traffic lid     

     1250 gallon septic tank with standard, non-traffic lid

     1500 gallon septic tank with standard, non-traffic lid

     2000 gallon septic tank with heavy-duty traffic lid

     2500 gallon septic tank with heavy-duty traffic lid

If your tank comes with a standard non-traffic lid and you require a heavy-duty traffic lid, they are available at additional cost.

12-inch risers and 4-D/6-D distributions boxes are also available at additional cost. Specify quantity and request pricing at time of order.

Water Storage and Grease Interceptors.


Our tanks can be modified to your specifications and state/city requirements for use as water storage or industrial grease traps.

You will need to start with one of our standard septic tank sizes, and then make modification requests. Neece Precast will do everything we can to provide you with the tank you need, while maintaining any state/city requirements.

All tanks must pass water test standards. Grease interceptors require regular cleaning to ensure proper function. We recommend you set up a grease check/cleaning schedule with your local provider at the time of installation.

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