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Specialty Precast


Stair Treads and Landings

Stair treads are as varied as your needs. Smooth, broom or exposed aggregate finishes are available. Typical depths of 11" or 12", 2.5" thick, with lengths starting at 36" and increasing in one-half increments (per your needs). Weld plates are available on the bottom and/or ends. Two or four bolt 3/8" threaded inserts are also an option (depending on your design). Color can be added to the concrete for a small additional fee.

Landings, or pads, come in a wide choice of sizes and finishes, depending upon your use. Call to discuss the options.


Trash Receptacles and Ash Trays

Trash receptacles are round or octagon, with a 30-gallon liner. Finishes are either smooth or exposed aggregate and are 28" diameter x 31" tall x 3" thick. Color is also available for a small additional fee.

We offer two ashtray styles - a round (16x24) and a hexagon (16x30). Both are exposed aggregate finish.


Pavers and Benches

Pavers start at 24-inches square and go up to 36-inches square. Natural, color or exposed aggregate are available.

Benches are available in a variety of shapes and finishes, with simple or fancy legs. Looking for a memorial bench to honor a loved one? Pick your bench and provide the exact size of the inscription plaque you have purchased from elsewhere. Various finishes are available.


Parking Curbs and Splash Guards

Our parking curbs are 6' long, 6" tall, 6" wide at the top and 8" wide at the base. Each weights 225 pounds. 12" - #3 rebar stakes are available for securing curbs into the ground.

We offer two sizes of splash guards – small at 12" x 24" and large at 16" x 24". Color may be added for a small additional fee.


Table Sets and Fire Pit Rings

Table sets come as round at 45" diameter or in a 30" x 48" or 57" rectangular shape. The accompanying benches are curved or straight. From simple to fancy, with various finish options, our tables may also be purchased seperately.

Neece offers one size of fire pit ring – 48" outside, 36" inside, and 10" high. Various finishes and color are available.

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